We will ensure passive income

and Security

We understand the needs and requirements of customers and we focus on meeting them.
Lease management with a guarantee of rent in the absence of time interference by the Owner – this is the benefit for our client who can enjoy the source of passive cash.
Through meticulous verification of tenants and securing the lease with appropriate legal instruments, we guarantee security and certainty that our clients' assets are in good hands.

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Do you own a flat that you would like to rent profitably but you don't know how to do it? Don't have time to do it?

For owners of flats


Would you like to invest in real estate, but you don't have time to do it yourself? Have you heard that investing in real estate is risky because a crisis is approaching?

For investors


We are Jacek Pogorzelski and Joanna Pogorzelska, we are a married couple running a business in the real estate industry which has become our common passion. In our investment portfolio, we offer our own flats for rental and we successfully manage flats for our clients. We offer ready-to-buy working flats, including lease management. The offer is also addressed to people who already have property for rent but either do not want to or cannot personally deal with it. First and foremost, our clients obtain a sense of security and certainty that their property will work completely passively.



Marcin S.


I recommend JP Estates. They professionally and comprehensively manage the rental and provide excellent customer service.

Mariusz P.

Flat owner

JP Estates renovated the flat and arranged it. Then, we signed a long-term lease agreement which is executed without any reservations. There are no problems and all payments are made on time.

Lukacs Lehel


Jacek arranged the flat very efficiently. He manages tenants professionally. All payments are made on time and there are no problems. I can safely recommend Jacek's company.

Maciej Borek

Flat owner

I was managing the lease of my flat myself and, unfortunately, I had troublesome tenants. Jacek leased out my flat, arranged it and manages the property very well. Payments are timely and there are no vacancies.

Marcin Sobecki

Flat owner

Cooperation with Jacek's company comes without any reservations. I recommend JP Estates services